I can say that NAFTA impacted me because there is no support for family farm work, and also economically because now I spend more money on agrochemicals that will supposedly increase output. It has been quite the opposite. When I sell my harvest, the prices are very low and there are many requirements that we do not meet, because they are purely bureaucratic. Another important point is that all the agricultural tools we use have become more expensive, and instead of making more money, every day I make less. NAFTA has not only affected me, but also my family because now there is less income and more costs. Using the new agricultural methods brought by NAFTA, like using excessive agrochemicals, has made me sick. My eyes and bones are having trouble. In conclusion, NAFTA has not benefited me in the least, maybe because I am a small producer and NAFTA only benefits large producers and monopolies.

The story was collected by la Asociación Nacional de Empresas Comercializadoras de Productores del Campo (ANEC). For more information on ANEC, click here.


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