Replace NAFTA

After 25 years of NAFTA empowering corporations to attack our environmental laws and outsource almost one million U.S. jobs, the revised NAFTA 2.0 deal that Donald Trump signed in late 2018 is not the transformational replacement we need.


A NAFTA replacement that delivers for workers, consumers and the environment in North America.


We are working with people like you across the country to ensure critical improvements are made to the NAFTA 2.0 text before it's sent to Congress.


Eliminate NAFTA 2.0’s Big Pharma giveaways that lock in high drug prices and strengthen the labor and environmental terms that could stop the outsourcing of jobs & pollution.

What is NAFTA?

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a 1994 deal between the United States, Canada and Mexico. At its heart are special rights and privileges for corporations that help them outsource jobs and attack domestic environmental and consumer protections.

NAFTA has resulted in the loss of more than one million U.S. jobs, the displacement of millions of Mexican small farmers and downward pressure on wages in both nations. Multinational corporations have extracted hundreds of millions in taxpayer funds after attacking our laws before NAFTA Investor-State Dispute Settlement tribunals.


Big Pharma rigged the renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement with special monopoly protections that would lock in high U.S. drug prices. We’re fighting to remove those giveaways to Pharma – and to ensure any new deal stops NAFTA’s ongoing job outsourcing, downward pressure on wages and environmental destruction.

Together We Can Stop NAFTA’s Damage!

The White House wants a vote on the revised NAFTA signed last year. But that NAFTA 2.0 deal would not stop job outsourcing or raise wages – but it would lock in high medicine prices.

Unions and consumer groups demand that these problems are fixed before any deal is sent to Congress.

NAFTA 2.0 has some improvements we’ve long demanded. But it also includes unacceptable new giveaways for pharmaceutical firms that would lock in U.S. policies that keep drug prices too high. And its labor and environmental standards must be strengthened and made subject to swift and certain enforcement.

If we can cut the Pharma giveaways and strengthen the labor and environmental terms and their enforcement while preserving the gains we’ve made, the final deal could stop some of NAFTA’s serious, continuing damage across North America. 

And that is worth fighting for, even as we must continue our campaign to achieve a truly transformational replacement of the corporate-rigged trade model.

We’re Fighting to Fix NAFTA 2.0 by:

  • Cutting New Monopolies for Big Pharma that Lock in High Medicine Prices: The NAFTA 2.0 text signed last year includes dangerous new monopoly protections for pharmaceutical firms that empower them to keep medicine prices high by avoiding generic competition These terms would lock in high U.S. medicine prices and export those policies to Mexico and Canada – denying people access to lifesaving medicines.
  • Strengthening Labor and Environment Standards and Enforcement to Stop NAFTA’s Job Outsourcing and Downward Pressure on Wages: While a potentially transformational new provision could empower Mexican workers to organize real unions, overall NAFTA 2.0’s Labor and Environmental Chapters require improvement. Labor and environmental terms must be strengthened and subject to swift and certain enforcement or NAFTA 2.0 will cause more outsourcing of pollution and jobs.
  • Shutting Down More NAFTA Attacks on the Environment: NAFTA 2.0 makes enormous progress in eliminating Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), a longstanding progressive demand. But some U.S. oil and gas companies with certain types of contracts with the Mexican government can still use ISDS. These terms must be amended so Big Oil cannot attack Mexican environmental & health laws.


Send a letter to your congressional representative urging them to demand a  NAFTA replacement that protects ALL workers by guaranteeing their right to organize for better wages and conditions.

Send a tweet to your congressional representative to demand NO VOTE on NAFTA 2.0 without critical improvements!

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